Book beautiful round trips

We send you where it is most beautiful

Book beautiful round trips

We send you where it is most beautiful

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Do you want to get the most authentic picture of the country you are traveling to? If you like company, are an open-minded and curious person, then we recommend our round trips through countries like Namibia or to islands like Jamaica. You will experience what makes the country and its people tick - an invaluable experience. If it doesn't have to be quite so far away, then our three-day round trips in Europe are just the thing - a trip with like-minded people that is simply fun.

Interesting routes

Our tour guides are experienced, know their way around the place and provide background information to make your trip an unforgettable experience. A sophisticated travel program takes you along interesting routes and gives you good insights into the life of the people at your destination.

Picked out for you by our travel experts

Etosha National Park

Immerse yourself in grandiose landscapes combined with leisurely towns shaped by German hand. Exotic wildlife, contrasting photo motifs in the impressive sand sea of the Namib Desert. The adventure Namibia calls!

1st bus trip to Milan

You will travel in a comfort bus with toilet and minibar.

Iceland Classics

Island Classics - Jamaica by Bus - A lush flora and fauna in Jamaica that enchants - Not only rushing waterfalls or the idyll and romance of the famous beach "Frenchman's Cove" - discover the diversity of Jamaica by bus inspires!

Discover foreign countries and create unforgettable memories along the way.

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