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Current balcony cabin offers

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Cunard Cruises

Tradition and luxury

The legendary Cunard Line has been sailing the world's oceans for more than 180 years and combines tradition and luxury like no other shipping company. You will travel on one of the four Cunard Queens, which exude elegance, charm and the incomparable British flair - be it at the traditional Afternoon Tea or the pompous gala evenings. You will benefit from 24-hour cabin/suite service- A diverse range of courses and lectures will keep you entertained.

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A German-speaking host or hostess will look after you, and German-language menu cards and on-board program booklets are available. On board the Queen Mary 2, the Queen Victoria and the Queen Elizabeth you will enjoy luxurious comfort, excellent gastronomy, top-class entertainment and perfect service. Book your ship passage today and set off on a great adventure!
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We offer you the possibility to pay off the flight (one or more persons) or the vacation of your choice carefree with monthly installments starting from CHF 100.
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Cunard Cruises

Cunard Cruises has stood for luxury cruises and first-class service on the high seas for over 180 years. The long-established shipping company has earned a reputation as one of the most prestigious cruise lines in the world and delights discerning travelers with its elegant ships, incomparable itineraries and timeless atmosphere.

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Cunard Cruises' cruise itineraries include a variety of destinations around the world. From picturesque European ports to breathtaking Caribbean islands and exotic destinations in Asia and Australia, there's an itinerary to suit every taste and preference.

Also travel to the north

Cunard Cruises also offers fascinating cruises to the north, providing a unique opportunity to discover the beauty and culture of this region. From the majestic fjords of Norway to the stunning scenery of Iceland and the charming port cities of Scandinavia.
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